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PHP License System for php scripts

php license script

PHP License Script will help you to deliver your Scripts Securely

Application Security

The php licensing script will run your script if domain name passes to all security checks. As which includes Domain, license key status and script name verification.

You may suspend Domain Name from executing your script with single click, so that user who is trying to login or run your script will prompt with a warning message or will not be able to as continue any further until like you Re-Activate their Domain.

You may set your remote script also to check license sever so every time it is run, or every x number of days.

Encode Your Scripts for Added Security

We want to become definitive php license system. That’s why we went one step further into protecting your software from any pirating or theft. You may encode some or even all files in your script for greater security. It is truly robust license or encoding system and all your customers won’t need of any loaders or any special server setups only for this to work beautifully. provides protection to mass distribution of the commercial php licensing script. provides independent software vendors and administrators ability to distribute and securely manage implementation of your php license script while protecting their source code. is comprised of two key components, the encoder and license manager.

Product advantages:

Enables the protection of PHP source code (against copyright infringement and reverse engineering) of commercial php license system by advanced encoding or obfuscation.

1. Provides IT administrators with best solution that prohibits modifications of its source code PHP internal application so they may effectively support them.
2. Also allows ISVs to impose variety of php licensing script.
3. Allows providers increase their income by selecting variety of licensing models like as concurrent users, segment of network, time limited or specific server.
4. is the PHP encryption product more widely distributed in the market. Available for more than seven years, the dedicated team of developers Encoder has done more solid and stable on the market.
5. Our Optimizer – Optimizer PHP runtime more widely distributed in the market.
6. Optimized integration with Studio – a single click and your php license script is encoded
7. Automatically suggests and detects php code elements (functions or methods) exclude them from being as obfuscated. It reduces development time significantly.

Protect your PHP with

1. Distribute your php license system without revealing source code.
2. Provides protection against copyright infringement.
3. Be protected against reverse engineering – the code is confused and coded.
4. Confuses and encodes your  entire project in a few seconds.
5. Improves performance PHP script using the most advanced techniques available code optimization.
6. Deploy your applications most used platforms: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, Mac OS X.

php license system