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PHPLicensing is the #1 php license software provider. Get this super featured tool
to secure your php scripts. Do secure distribution of your digital goods at affordable price.
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Why Choose PHP License Software?
  • Software Licensing

    Phplicensing licensing is reliable, secure and time tested. The design is modular so you can add new licensing methods as needed. We support PHP licensing out of the box and offer a SDK that can be used to support any programming language.

  • Amazing Help Desk

    Phplicensing offers a secure member area where customers can login to access the integrated helpdesk. Other support features include a contact form, Knowledge Base (KB), announcements with RSS.

  • Self-decoding script

    We provide you self-decoding script purely written in PHP (>= 4.3.0). So it will be easy to use and get benefits of licensing.

  • Zero installation for clients

    Your clients will no need to install any script. Everything will be take care by PHPLicensing and it will be awesome to deliver your products to clients.

  • Licenses are not tied to encrypted scripts

    Encrypted scripts are NOT locked to specific domains, IPs or machines. This php licensing software gives you freedom to do secure distributions with more comfort.

  • Remote License Validation

    Script access is checked against the Phplicensing License Server to prevent unauthorized use from unregistered domains/IP. Encoded scripts must dial-home to the Phplicensing License Server to validate itself.

  • Digital Goods Delivery

    With Phplicensing you can securely distribute your digitial goods. You can set a time limit on download access and charge for renewals after the period has expired. Secure downloads are protected by login and are stored behind the public domain.

  • Tamper Proofing

    Every encoded scripts are digitally watermarked to prevent software tampering. The in-built anti-temper facility identify if the encoded source is tampered. If the encoded script has been modified in any way, the encoded script will fail to operate.

  • Separated Licensing

    Phplicensing licenses are not tied to encrypted scripts. Encrypted scripts are NOT locked to specific domains, IPs or machines. Once encoded, the same encrypted script will work for all licensed clients only. This means that you can encode and package your script once and deploy to multiple installations using the same source distribution.

Happy Customers

Its really very secure and safe to sell or distribute digital goods with PHPLicensing.

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PHP Licensing Software
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